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Our services

- We take care of the administrative formalities involved in obtaining an NIE (a special identification number for non-Spanish nationals), which you need in order to purchase property in Spain.
- We can deal with any questions or concerns you may have with respect to UK tax issues. Do you have to purchase through a company/organisation? Can my children buy the property? Can I have a usufruct over it? How does the inheritance tax system work? …
- We introduce you to a reputable, efficient bank and, most importantly of all, an agency operated and managed by an English-speaking director and team of staff. This will enable you to open a bank account in Spain, which is something you have to have in order to purchase property. You will also have the option of applying for a loan for up to 70% of the value of the property to help finance the purchase.
- We work with you providing support and assistance right up to the point of signing.
- We also help you with all the processes you need to go through once you've finally put pen to paper, e.g. water, electricity, registration at the town hall, insurance, etc.

Get the support and assistance you need with the JUMAROS group

100% of our clients are satisfied with what we do. Why?


-We are French and have many years' experience of the property market in France, including all its legal aspects.
-We have been working in Spain for 18 years and are completely familiar with the relevant Spanish legislation.
-We are members of the national association of property professionals in Spain, having successfully obtained the Master Juridico, Immobiliario, Financiero y Fiscal (Masters in Law, Property, Finance and Taxation).
And most importantly of all, we have liability insurance and a bank guarantee with HCC International:
This means we have access to the entire range of properties for sale across the sector.

Let us carry out your property search on your behalf and we will give you access to a range of properties for sale through both Jumaros and the other estate agencies in the market. Avoid the wasted time of multiple pointless meetings.
- We select the best properties for you based on the search criteria you provide.
- We arrange your viewings to coincide with your visits to Spain.
- We can answer any questions you may have about any property you're interested in: service charges, taxes, the local area and community, etc.
- We negotiate the terms of the sale with the owner in accordance with your offer. Our commission is included in the selling prices displayed.
- We clearly explain to you how the reservation of right of legal ownership process works and what to expect at the stage of the sale involving the notary. For your complete convenience and peace of mind, all our documents will be provided in English. The solicitor we work with speaks English.


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